Christian and Religious formation is a process of holistic development of the human person who, made new by the Holy Spirit, shares in God’s life in Christ and in His saving mission as a member of the Church. ASC formation is concerned with the totality of the person who responds through a process of gradual and integral growth. Formation enables the Adorer to respond freely with her “yes”. It is a “yes” to the Crucified and Risen Lord, a “yes” to community, and a “yes” to the demands of the mission.

We Adorers have received from the Lord a special faith-vision, by which we perceive God, others, ourselves and all reality somehow centred in the mystery of God’s love of which the Blood of Jesus is sign. And we have the charism of responding in love, sharing Jesus’ Adoring, Redeeming love (Paschal Mystery) revealed in his giving his blood for the glory of the father, for our salvation. This we express especially through Adoration, Apostolic serving, love and a special call to share the Paschal Mystery. As St. Maria said, “Our spirit is all charity.” Among our ASC charisms, there are many more, which will be given in greater or lesser fullness to each of us. Surely some of these are charisms of reconciliation, self-sacrifice, generosity, capacity to listen, love for Mary, humility, meekness, hope, sense of power of the Blood of Jesus, patience, liberation, healing, love for the Church, compassion, sense of justice, gratitude, joy in the cross, peace and zeal. All these charisms are for the Church. Or, as Maria expressed it, they are for the realization of “that beautiful order of things that the great Son of God came to establish in His Blood.”

The life of St. Maria De Mattias is a constant and necessarily pain-filled openness to God’s holiness. It is a sacrificial offering to charity. Maria De Mattias struck by the unfathomable mystery of the love of God who becomes Blood and Flesh for us, gradually opens up so that this mystery of charity may become her holiness, and her holiness can sing the glory of God. Our congregation is shaped by charity and to be a living image of that charity among people, by contemplating the Blood of Christ which is sign, measure, expression and pledge of God’s love. The model that Maria De Mattias proposes for each Adorer and for the whole Congregation is demanding; her daughters would give testimony to charity in the world only if they remain united to the source of charity, God himself. Thus the spirit of the congregation is love and charity – “charity toward God and toward our dear neighbour”.