Education of children was very much at the heart of our Foundress St. Maria De Mattias. She used to recommend her sisters to have a tender love for the little children and be sympathetic toward their shortcomings. “Give them a solid education and teach them to know God so that He will be loved by them”. Maria was a great missionary and prophetic visionary who provided us the roots and inspiration for the education especialy for women and children.

During the past 32 years we have been nurturing noble ideals and lofty values, which were the inspirations of our founding sister, who is now Saint Maria De Mattias. It was a small seed which was sown in 1982 in Bangaluru which today has grown into a gigantic tree spreading its branches to other places; the pace of development has been fast and steady through the years.

We Adorers have five schools those that belongs to the India Province. Our first school is in Bangaluru-Karnataka started in the year 1982. The second school began in Tarikere, Chickmagluru-Karnataka in the year 1984; the third school started in Kannur- Kerala in the year 2003, a school in Rachi –Jharkand specially for the education of tribal children in the year 2009, and in Mysore in 2016.